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We are a team of SaaS enthusiasts who love helping SaaS startups in the early and growth-stages of the product lifecycle. We are crazy about growth and have helped SaaS companies grow by more than 5X ARR in just 3 years.

Chirayu Akotiya

Chirayu has worked in the SaaS ecosystem for more than 7 years and seen the industry evolve throughout his career. He has helped scale a number of SaaS startups- from cloud telephony SaaS like MyOperator to HR SaaS like Harmonize and Leena AI. In his leadership, MyOperator grew from $100k ARR to $3.5mn ARR. Having led growth at several SaaS companies, he has a plethora of insights that can turnaround any SaaS business. He loves to share his learnings with SaaS co-founders, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, and other SaaS experts.

Shreya Bhardwaj

Shreya is a SaaS enthusiast and has championed SaaS very early in her career. She is a lifelong learner and never leaves an opportunity to learn from various SaaS co-founders about their companies. She has 4+ years of experience in the SaaS industry and is currently pursuing her MBA from the Indian School of Business.  Apart from SaaS, she loves talking about various Economic issues. She is an Economics graduate from St.Stephens college. Her areas of expertise include demand generation, GTM, product marketing, conversion rate optimization and product-led growth

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